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Ottawa Project H.E.L.P.「香港人移居渥太華服務事工 」

H – Hope - Coming to Canada to live a new life is full of new hope  

     - 希望來到加拿大過新生活,是充滿新的希望的

E – Encouragement - Not easy to adapt to a new life, it is a great encouragement to get help 

    - 鼓勵新生活不容易適應,得到鼓勵是大有幫助

L – Love -  It is commendable to have the love of local Canadians in the new environment

    - 愛心在新環境能夠有當地加拿大人給予的愛心,是難能可貴

P – Preparation - In the new environment of life to give practical assistance that can settle in quickly, timely help

    - 預備在新環境生活,得到實際的援助,以致能盡快安頓下來,是雪中送炭

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